We're Rich!

In the last 14 days we have received offers of cash donations for our ministry totalling 79.4 million dollars! Just think about what we could do with our ministry if we had 80 million dollars to invest in ministry resources. We could build new buildings, purchase literature, expand outreaches and have special campaigns! Unfortunately we will never be able to spend one dime of this huge promised fortune.

I have always been humored by the huge number of scam emails I receive on a weekly basis. Two weeks ago, I quickly set up a special folder in my email program and decided to keep track of all of the emails I received in a 14 day period. Most of these emails came from Nigeria, or the Ivory Coast. They contain tragic stoires about the death of a once great saint of God. The widow that is left behind desires to give the remaining family fortune to a needy charity or missionary. Of course there is no widow, there is no fortune and there certainly never was a godly saint involved. It is just one of a growing number of SPAM email scams that circulates over the web. Those that respond for more information are usually decieved into sending money in advance to insure that the proper paperwork is completed. An investigation over a decade ago showed where more than 100 million dollars had been stolen using variations of the scam.

Even though we didn't receive 80 million dollars in donations during the last 2 weeks we are still so very rich. Psalm 50:10 reminds us that our Heavenly Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He is always provided for our needs and He has eternal blessings ready for those that follow Him. Don't be scammed by the offerings of this world, seek heaven first and you'll be truly rich!