Finally, an Update!

First, I'll begin by apologizing. We've been so busy lately that the Blog hasn't been updated. It seems I find myself saying that more and more these days. I don't really feel bad though, because this busy schedule is an evidence of the open doors the Lord has been bringing our way. Thanks for all of you that faithful, and patiently, check in on our Blog!

We just finished an amazing ten days of ministry. We feel blessed that we were able to host a group of 17 young adults. These young people came down with a desire to help our ministry and get a glimpse of what life is like for a missionary family. They came with a positive attitude, true servant hearts, and lots of energy. God used them in a powerful way during their brief stay.

The group begin by helping us conduct Bible school. We had as many as 45 kids each afternoon. The group really bonded with the children and the group was really able to show God's love to these needy kids. They participated with games, crafts, object lessons and songs. They also spent a lot of time with the adolescents and teens near the church. Several mornings they were able to play soccer and use there sportsmanship to encourage the teens to come to church later in the day. One of the highlights of the week was when we went into the public school a few blocks from the church. We were able to clearly present the Gospel in a 30 minute program in front of a group of about 800 students. It was a truly amazing thing to see hundreds of school kids sitting there as they heard the Gospel in a public school! Later we were able to distribute Gospel tracts to 700 students as they left another school. The group also participated in our regular church services by singing and sharing testimonies.

Early in the week we met a 23 year old young man named Miguel. He started hanging around the church because he wanted to play soccer with a group of Americans. The group really worked hard to make him and his friends feel welcome. Several of the young men started praying that they would be able to lead him to the Lord before they left. I am thrilled to say that on Tuesday Miguel trusted Christ as his personal Savior. Later that day he stood up in front of the group, and his friends, and thanked God for the group. He commented that he was ready to change and that he wanted to learn to serve the Lord like these young people. He said "Thank you for coming and helping me see the need to change my life!"

Lots of tears were shed yesterday when the group said "goodbye" to their new Peruvian friends. I think God used these last ten days in a special way. I asked the group to fill out a simple survey about their trip. Everyone of them said that they were more open to missions now after their visit to Peru. Everyone in the group also said that they felt the trip was a "life-changing experience." That is exciting news for a missionary! Last night as we begin to finish up our time together I heard a comment that thrilled my soul. One member of the group commented: "I've got the missions bug and I've got it bad!" Several others nodded their heads in agreement. I went on to explain that once you've got the missions bug it never goes away. It's a burden for souls that becomes a passion to serve God. It leads you into a life of service and leaves you with satisfaction and joy for living. I'm sure glad I got the "missions bug!"