Not "Rookies" Anymore

We spent the last week helping to orientate a new missionary family that will soon be arriving to Peru. Bruce Maddux came down to Peru early to help find housing, look for a vehicle and make arrangements for language training for his family. It was a busy but rewarding week, knowing that God has sent another family to minister in Peru. This will be the first new missionary family to come to Peru with Baptist Mid-Missions since our arrival in 2001. The Lord has also blessed our field with a new single lady, Rachel Tarvin who just arrived a few weeks ago. This summer several families will begin raising their support to join us here in Peru. These are exciting days for the ministry in Peru. Our team of workers is growing!

We are always excited to know that God is sending more laborers to our needy mission field. Yet, it seems a bit strange to be orientating new families. It seems just like yesterday that we arrived here in Peru for the first time. I think we need another 30 years of experience before we could be considered veteran missionaries!

Please be praying for all of our new co-workers. The Maddux family will be busy the next two months as they pack, sell their home, and say goodbye to friends and loved ones. Pray for Will and Erika Gibson, a couple from our own home church that have recently joined BMM and will be attending our missions candidate school next month. Pray that God will continue to send more laborers to Peru!