All Circuits Busy

Yesterday at 7:51 a.m. our house began to shake. Pictures crashed to the floor and windows rattled. Our neighbors ran into the street and we heard the sound of children crying. The shaking lasted for less than a minute but was enough to get our hearts racing. We had just experienced an earthquake centered only 9 miles from Lima. In the coming hours we heard news of a few houses that had collapsed and buildings that were damaged. Along the coast one road was closed because of fallen rocks. It was just another reminder of God's omnipotent control of the world.

Immediately after the earthquake all of the phone lines were dead. This is to be expected since nearly everyone in the city attempts to call and check on friends and loved ones. The telephone company reported that over 6 million phone calls were attempted in the minutes following the tremor. The system was simply overwhelmed.

We are reminded of the power of prayer during moments like this. As Christians we often cry out to God when we are distressed or in need. God promises to provide His guiding hand during life's difficulties. Isn't it a blessing to know that when problems arise, like an earthquake, that God is always there to listen? Our line of communication with Him is always open and His system will never fail. May we be faithful to keep our communication open with God during the good times and the bad.