No Safer Place

We truly believe there is no place safer than living in the center of God's will. We truly believe it is God's will for our lives that we live in Peru. We feel that God has a plan for us here and that we will accomplish much as we labor for our Lord. Yet sometimes our faith is challenged. Yesterday a fellow missionary was kidnapped here in Lima only a few miles from our home. He was forced into the trunk of a car at gunpoint. The thieves then drove across town to a secluded beach area where he escaped unharmed. He had managed to text message his wife from his cellphone in the trunk. This was especially frightening because it took place at 1:30 in the afternoon in a place we all considered safe. He apparently only lost a fake wallet that he carries containing fake credit cards.

Here are some facts to consider: Peru has one of the highest crime rates in Latin America. The Peruvian National Police report that a crime occurs in Lima every three minutes. 87 percent of Lima residents polled believe Lima is an unsafe city. Nearly every missionary we know has had their home or car burglarized. Several have been assaulted. Sadly, the problem is not improving.

Are we concerned? You bet! Are we ready to pack up and leave? No way! Time and time again God has proven Himself to be faithful. We're not always thrilled with our working and living environment but we trust the Lord for His protection. We learn to adjust, make necessary security precautions and learn to pray for safety. We still love living and working in Peru! We're thankful that the vast majority of Peruvians are kind, hard working people. When we hear about a co-worker or friend that has been robbed we often reflect and thank God for our friends back home that are praying. Thanks for praying for our safety now and in the days ahead. Your prayers are important!