Merry Christmas!

Most of you have probably already read our annual Christmas poem. However, we do realize some of you are not on our mailing list. For your reading pleasure we now present our summary of 2007:

2007 has passed by and once more it’s time
To report on the Poe family’s year in a rhyme
In January we planned our goals for the year
That we would be busy, soon became clear

We began meetings each Sunday for adults and kids too
Then two weeks of camp gave us lots more to do
Our car was too small, we bought a twelve passenger van
To fill it with visitors, family and folks is the plan

February here is summer, school’s out and it’s HOT!
We had 45 kids for VBS, now that’s a lot!
We had our first converts, Luis and Manuel, what a praise!
Easter week we had special meetings that lasted three days

We showed a Christian film near the church, open air
Over two hundred watched and heard the Gospel there
We began Wednesday night meetings, home Bible study too
A soccer tournament for teens gave them something fun to do

Many ministries were planned all through May
There were twenty Moms, plus others at church Mother’s Day
Then a medical campaign at church for the whole neighborhood
One hundred sick folks were helped, twelve were saved, God is good!

Then a tragedy struck, the August earthquake
We were safe, praise the Lord, but the ground sure did shake!
The Lima churches gathered help for those who lost all they had
We made a trip south where the damage was bad

Hours of study and visiting keeps us busy, it’s true
Meetings, clubs for kids and teens, English classes too
We squeeze in family time, walks to the park just to play
We feel it’s important to be together each day

Elizabeth’s in first grade and loves reading, school and her friends
Olivia’s two and keeps Debbie hopping until the day ends
The girls look alike, big blue eyes and curly hair
That they grow to love the Lord is our daily prayer

The year will draw to a close with more work than play
We’ll take the teens out to visit the camp for a day
There are programs for Christmas and New Year’s to plan
We want as many to come out for these services as can

Please read our blog and letters, pray for us too
We couldn’t possibly manage without help from you
So to all our friends and supporters so dear
The Poes wish you a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!