"Just make me right!"

As missionaries we always enjoy sending out reports of folks that have trusted Christ as their personal savior. It is a real joy to see a lost person come to an understanding of God and their need for a savior. Today we rejoice as parents in telling you about the salvation of Elizabeth. For many months Elizabeth has shown a real interest in spiritual things. She has asked questions about God, heaven, dying and salvation. She has always enjoyed Bible stories and learning verses. Yet, whenever we personalized the discussion she always said, "I don't want to talk about it!" We certainly didn't want her to make a false profession of faith or feel pressured. So we have never insisted or pushed in any way. For the last several months she has talked more and more about heaven and God. Several weeks ago she even commented that she would go to hell if she died because she was a sinner. We just kept praying and asking God to work in her little heart.

The news this week has been filled with tragedy. First there was the mall shooting. Then the folks killed in Colorado in the church and youth center. Here in Peru a five month old baby was killed by a bottle rocket. Elizabeth had heard bits and pieces of each of these news events and asked some important questions: "These people were killed in a church? You mean babies can die? Will those people be in heaven?" Her little mind was working and we believe the Holy Spirit was working in her life. Monday evening she went to bed normally and with a smile on her face. A few moments later she came running to the living room with tears in her eyes. "Daddy, I want to talk about getting saved now." We sat down in her room and talked about her sin, the consequences of sin, and what Jesus had done for her. She already understood because it was nothing new for her to hear. Right there on her little bed she asked if she could pray. It was a sweet moment I will never forget: "Dear God, I am sorry about my sin. I want you to help me. I want you to save me. Just make me right! Amen." I then asked, "Elizabeth will you sin tomorrow?" She grinned, "Oh yes, I'm sure I will disobey and annoy mommy tomorrow! But daddy, I'll still be saved!" She then assured me that she would be in heaven with her grandfather and with Elizabeth, John the Baptist's mother. She also commented, "Daddy now I can really hand out tracts and tell people about Jesus because I am a Christian!"

There is really no greater joy than seeing our daughter trust Christ as her savior. We've prayed every day of Elizabeth's life for her salvation. We praise the Lord for answered prayer.