Earthquake Update

Things are slowly but surely coming back to normal here in Lima. We have had over 400 aftershocks, 18 of which have been over 5.0 in magnitude. The tiny tremors seem to almost never end. The grocery store shelves are lacking in many basic supplies. We assume these supplies are being purchased to send to the destroyed areas.

Things are much more serious to our south. The roads are nearly destroyed and aid is slow to arrive. Looters and armed bandits are robbing many of the vehicles attempting to deliver food and supplies. We were asked to take our van to Ica to carry supplies. After prayerful consideration we don't feel like the situation is stable enough at this time to venture into this disaster center. The churches here in Lima are gathering money and supplies to send to the churches further south. We'll continue to evaluate ways that we can help.

Please keep Peru in your prayers. Many of our fellow Christians are suffering tremendously at this time. A Baptist camp located ocean front near Ica was basically destroyed by a tidal wave after the quake. Several churches have suffered severe damage and will probably need to be rebuilt. We are very thankful that all of our Baptist Mid-Missions co-workers are safe and suffered no real damage to their homes or churches.