School's Out!

School's out! For now any way. A nation-wide teachers strike continues to keep Peruvian children out of the classroom. The national teachers union and the Peruvian government continue to battle over new tests required for all teachers. The strike started earlier in July and both children and parents are ready for the kids to be back in the classroom. Some parents have even threatened to "take back the schools" by taking over the classes if necessary. It is a battle that certainly puts the education of children in jeopardy.

As planned, we had our first day of "Last minute VBS" yesterday. We were blessed to have more than 25 kids present. The children were excited to have something to do. They listened well to a Bible story, enjoyed games, singing and a special craft project. Several parents thanked us for giving their children opportunities for the day. It is always a joy to have a spiritual influence in the lives of these young people. We'll have another day for the kids at church tomorrow.