Last Minute VBS

The public school teachers are on strike here in Peru. Most schools are shut down and the children have no homework or activities to keep them busy. Every time we go near the church for visitation or discipleship children come running asking if we are about to open the church for an activity. We have decided that if the strike is not over this weekend that we will throw together plans for a few days of Vacation Bible School at the church. It is hard to tell the children "no" when they are asking to enter the church for bible stories, songs and activities.

The teachers strike has caused some major problems here in Peru. In certain regions of the country the teachers have protested and had serious conflicts with the police. Some protesters were responsible for the death of a child while others caused a bus to wreck killing several on board. The violence has been minimal here in Lima thus far. We hope to use the strike for some good by having more interaction and influence with the children around our church. We'll let you know how things go!