Not So Happy Father's Day

Yesterday was a sad day for many of our church children. About 25 children had worked hard on preparing a special card for Father's Day. The cards looked like a men's necktie. Many had written poems or written special messages inside. The cards were to be presented to all the fathers during our regular afternoon service. The kids were all sent home and told to return with their dad. We only had three fathers present for the service.

"My father is drunk and doesn't want to come." commented one little girl. "All the dads are together drinking, I'm scared to ask." said another. The same story was repeated over and over again. Many went home with the card in hand, saddened that their father wouldn't take the time to see the program they had prepared.

It was a reminder of the great need in Vina Alta. The people are so receptive yet many still find their comfort in alcohol. We'll press on telling the truth of our loving heavenly Father and hope that next year more fathers will see the importance of being their for their children.