You May See the Doctor Now...

We just finished what proved to be a very exciting day for our family and ministry. Today we hosted a team of medical volunteers from the US. They arrived at our church early to setup and we began to register patients at 9:00 a.m. It didn't take long for a small crowd to gather and we stayed busy the rest of the day. Each person began by sitting down with a "medical history taker." This person would get a brief account of their past and present medical condition. Then this same person would clearly share the Gospel with the patient before they entered the church to see one of the doctors. After seeing a doctor they were given needed medication and a copy of the New Testament.

On an average day this team is able to treat about 85 patients. Today they gave much needed medical attention to 103 patients. The most exciting news of the day is that 12 people trusted Christ as their Savior! Dozens more were interested and have requested a follow up visit in their home. We can only begin to imagine the contacts that we have made today for our church.

Some of you may recall the older man that yelled at us when we first started visiting in Vina Alta. He had screamed "Go away! We are good Catholics and we don't want evangelicals here...Go Away!" He has always refused to talk to us on our countless visits in the area. He showed up today and waited in line to see a doctor. He was counseled, received a diagnosis and medication. As he was preparing to go out the door, he thanked me and shook my hand, "thank you my brother" were his final words. He is not yet my brother in the Lord, but his heart is softening. I look forward to the day when I can call him my brother.

Thanks for praying! Today was a great success. Praise the Lord.