A Problem Solved

A tight squeeze? There is plenty of room to spare, at least 6 inches!

Perhaps the only garage door of its type, in our neighborhood anyway!

As you know God recently blessed us with a larger vehicle. The van has proven to be a real blessing to our ministry. The van has proven to be just perfect for our needs in every way. There was only one problem. It wouldn't fit into our garage! Now, we realized this before we purchased the van. We just figured that with some wise peruvian ingenuity we could solve the problem. After a few weeks of searching we found the answer to the problem.

A christian mechanic friend came over and cut the bars on our garage gate. They took them over night reworked them and made the gate extend out at the bottom. So, if the van doesn't fit in the garage what do you do? You just bend the gate to make it fit! I think it turned out pretty nicely myself. Our van sits safetly in its new home each evening. There is even a little room for growth!