Finally, Pay Day for Mom?

I recently heard that there was a website that would calculate the value of all the work that a mother does in her home. It starts with your zip code and then gives you the option to calculate how much "mom" should be paid for all of her "domestic engineering!" It includes hours worked cleaning, doing laundry, working with the kids, doing homework, and much more. It then gives the average salary in your area for that class of work. I decided to reward Debbie with a printable paycheck that showed how much her mothering was really worth. Like to guess her total annual salary? An incredible $146, 605! That did not include her ministry time or rubbing dad's back.

I guess it should be an eye opener as we realize how much work our mom's really do! Of course Debbie's worth to me and the girls is priceless! Thanks Debbie for being a great mother, wife and helpmate! Plus Happy Mother's Day to all of the other ladies out there that work so hard to make our lives pleasant.

(Debbie, sorry, but the check will bounce if you try to deposit it!)