On the Road Again!

After a difficult two weeks, we finally have the use of our new van! We thank each of you that prayed for God's provision for this vehicle. It is a true blessing to have a comfortable, dependable car to use for our family and ministry. We even have people to pick up this Sunday on the way to church! I feel confident that the vehicle will be a real asset to our ministry.

Elizabeth loves the new van. She asked me the other day, "Daddy, do
we get to keep this van now?" I explained that a vehicle is a major
purchase and we would be keeping it for a long, long time. She said,
"Oh, we are going to keep it a year?" I went on to say, "No, we will
probably keep it until you finish college, so don't get it dirty!"

By the way, we didn't have to buy fake "wooden" tags for the car. Our tags were actually ready sooner than we expected. Thanks again for your continued prayers!