Is there a "doctor" in the house?

The majority of the folks that are attending our church are professing Catholics. Most have never trusted Christ as their personal savior. We do have a few Christians that have heard about our church and started attending. An older gentleman has been visiting and listens well during the service. He recently stopped to chat with us after church. "My family thinks I am crazy when I head off to church. They laugh at me." He went on to tell how he has tried to influence his family. "I told them 'I am sick and I need to see a doctor.'" He went on to say: "God is the doctor, I pray and tell Him what I am struggling with and then on Sunday He gives me the diagnosis and treatment from the message." He went on to explain how his sickness is not physical, but the danger of sin that we all struggle with.

This kind saint of the Lord only had one request: "Can you please add a prayer service during the week? We have to tell our 'doctor' what's bothering us so we're ready to hear His message later in the week."

We do have plans to add more services in the days ahead. Pray for us as we seek to reach many with the saving message of the Gospel.