VBS: The Closing Service

We had asked all of you to pray that the church would be filled Sunday with parents. I am sad to report that we had no parents come. We managed to have a handful of adults, and about 35 children there. We went on with the program that we had planned. The children sang, they also recited the verses they had learned and explained the lessons that had been studied during the week. It is exciting to know that all of these children learned lots of Bible truth this week. We know God can use that as a foundation for their spiritual life.

We asked the kids to run home and get their parents. The answers we heard were sad. One little boy who is four years old said: "My dad is drunk and doesn't want to be bothered." Others told us their parents were working. One 8 year old informed us that he had been left at home alone for the weekend while his parents traveled out of town. Most of the parents were a few blocks away at the closing games of the big soccer tournament.

We did our best to encourage the kids. We praised them for their hard work and good learning. Each child received a small packet of school supplies. We recognized those who had excelled with a special certificate. Most stopped to give us a hug as they went on their way home. We felt successful when several came running back and said, "Does it all start again tomorrow at 2 o'clock?" They seem to have forgotten that school would be back in session for the year.