Mini-campaign a success

As many of you know we organized a concert and mini-campaign for yesterday evening. Last night more than 20,000 people gathered to hear a concert of lively music. The same concert was broadcast on national television and watched by countless thousands more. But don't get too excited! That massive gathering of people wasn't there for our campaign, they were gathered nearby for a Shakira concert. We only managed to get a crowd of about 100 people.

We spent the afternoon visiting nearly every house in our target community. 1000 invitations were handed out, each with a gospel tract attached. The day was filled with chaos. All of our planning and organizing began to fall apart. Our rented sound system was not delivered. The lights in the park burned out. The city changed its mind at the last minute and would not allow us to connect our equipment to their electricity. The neighborhood president changed directions and wouldn't let us use the park for our campaign. It made for a frustrating day. Yet, in the end we saw God work and how He helped make the concert a success. A new sound system was loaned to us by a fellow missionary. We managed to find lights to rent at the last minute. We convinced both the neighborhood president, and the municipality that our campaign wouldn't cause problems. We managed to get all this done and only start 15 minutes late! The best news is that several people trusted Christ as their savior. Hundreds more received tracts and invitations to our new location.

So who was more successful, Shakira with a crowd of thousands, or the missionaries with a tiny campaign in a dimly lit park? For us it was a huge success when a few heard the Gospel message and found the life changing good news of Christ! Shakira will keep on singing, and we'll keep on preaching. In the end we'll let God judge who was more successful! Thanks for praying!