"Daddy, don't worry..."

Today we did some catching up on projects here at home. As we worked, the peaceful calm of the morning was interrupted by loud snapping firecrackers and booming fireworks. We looked out into the street to see a huge crowd of people, all dressed in purple, parading with an image of the Virgin Mary. Debbie and Elizabeth rushed to the end of the street to take a closer look. They returned saddened by what they had seen. The people, including most of our neighbors, were hoping for miracles and a closer meeting with God as a result of this idol passing in their presence. It is just another part of the misleading doctrines of the Catholic church.

Tonight at bedtime as I prayed with Elizabeth I could tell she was troubled by what she had seen. She wanted to know why so many people didn't believe in Jesus. She wanted to know why they thought a doll was God. Our conversation turned to the work we have been doing down the hill at our new rented building. Elizabeth asked when I was taking her to see the site. I realized I hadn't taken the time to show her yet since she is in school during the week. I started to tell her about the building. She then made a sweet comment that made my night: "Daddy, don't worry, I know I'll love the building because we'll get to tell people about Jesus there and they'll get saved." Our little one is starting to see the real need. May it always stay fresh in our minds as we strive to reach Lima with the Gospel.