WANTED: Building to rent

Our door-to-door visitation ministry continues to go well. We are overwhelmed by the tremendous response. So many of the people we have encountered are so open and willing to talk. Many people have shown interest in coming to a Bible study or meeting. Dozens of people have asked, "Where is your church and when do you meet?" We have to explain that we don't have a church in their area at this point.

We have started searching for a building or large room to rent. Unfortunately their are not many options. Most larger buildings have been divided up into tiny rooms. People rent rooms in their house to folks simply looking for a bedroom. Few large rooms are intact. The neighborhood does have a large community center. There is a possibility that we could use this facility for our meetings. Please pray as we search for a property or building for a new church. We feel that having a visible location will add some credibility to our ministry.