We're Back!

It's good to be back online and be able to update you all through the BLOG. Things are going well as we readjust to life in Peru. We returned to find our apartment in perfect condition. Our car is back on the road again after a year in storage. Our phone, internet, and other utilites are reconnected and ready for use. All in all we've had a good first week back in Peru.

We've already begun surveying the area where we would like to start a new church. We've spoke with people in our neighborhood and surronding areas. We've made contact with other missionaries and national pastors. Soon we hope to begin a Bible study group that will serve as the beginnings of a new church.

It has been exciting to see that people remember us. Yesterday I went to get a haircut at the end of our street. Everyone inside stopped working and begin to ask where we had been. One even asked if we were still going to start a church nearby. It was a thrill to see that they remembered us and why we were here. At the nearby store the owner commented that he would start stocking ice cream again, even in the winter, since we were back. Neighbors have greeted us, and folks have smiled and waved as we pass by.

It's good to be back! See the latest look of our girls on their BLOG.