Have time for a survey?

This week we have begun using a simple new tool in our church-planting ministry. We have designed a survey to be used as an "ice-breaker" as we approach people. With clipboard in hand, we will approach people in parks and on the streets near our home. The survey has 10 questions that will help us determine the spiritual health and interest of those we contact. The survey contains questions such as: "Do you pray regularly? Do you have more interest in religion today than you did five years ago?" The questions make it easy to determine what direction to take with the individual. We hope these early contacts will be the early roots of a church. We will continue to witness, hand out tracts and make contacts. There are a lot of thirsting souls in Lima, Peru. We are determined to bring them the Water of Life: Jesus!

What can you do? PRAY! These early days of our second term will be tough as we seek to gain a strong hold on this area. We have a lot of work today and your prayers will be a blessing to our family.