Fields White Unto Harvest

We recently had the opportunity to meet with a national pastor. He lives in our area, but is pastoring a church about 30 minutes away. He has been burdened for our area for sometime. He also has contacts with several families that are believers, yet have no place to congregate to study and worship. He was excited to hear that we felt lead to start a new ministry in this area. The specific neighborhood where we are looking is called "ViƱa Alta." The pastor went on to describe how this area was a "white harvest field" just waiting for workers. He commented that "it grieves me greatly that there has been no ministry sustained there before now." We have visited in the area several times and have always had a good response.

We have waited several days to post a picture of the area. It is visible from our apartment, yet the winter fog has made it impossible to see since we returned to Peru! Perhaps when spring arrives we can show you a photo of the area! Until then an aerial view provided by Google Earth will have to do.

Will you pray as we seek the perfect area for starting a new ministry? Pray that God will continue to open up doors of opportunity as we seek to do His will.