So, you on vacation again?

When we first came back on furlough a young person asked what it was going to be like to have a year long vacation. That young person didn't understand that our year would be filled with speaking engagements, studying, reporting to churches, correspondence, witnessing and promoting missions. Furlough isn't really a vacation for missionaries. Yet, we have tried to find time to relax. Just last night someone asked if our work was done for the year. I had to say, "nope!"

We still have churches to visit. We'll be speaking in at least three more churches. One of those churches we will be visiting for the first time. We also continue to pack. We "officially" have 75 percent of our bags packed now. Packing continues to be a challenge. Our goal is to make every bag be exactly the 50 pounds and 62 linear inches allowed by the airline. This becomes even more of a challenge when you consider that breakable and crushable items are included. Plus we have to plan ahead and decide what items we need now and what items can be packed and not used until we arrive in Peru.

We are working to tie up lots of lose ends as well. We have found a new prayer letter service. This means we have to transfer our mailing list and data base to them. We have designed a new prayer letter format. We continue to work on prayer cards. We finish up doctors appointments and lab tests. We work to try to sell our car. The list goes on and on. I honestly wish we were on vacation, but there's no time for that this month! But, don't worry about us! We love what God has called us to do. We enjoy everyday of our lives. We feel so blessed. Perhaps we just don't need another vacation: But if your ready to fly us to Jamaica or Hawaii, well pack an extra bag for the trip!

UPDATE ON OLIVIA'S PAPERWORK: It seems that things are going well. We heard from Peru yesterday that her birth certificate arrived and the paperwork is in progress once again. Pray that this will be done in record time. Pray that when it is completed we will be able to contact the consulate in Washington, D.C. and make an appointment to pickup the paperwork. Time is short and we pray that all can be done on time.