Is the wait over?

Today was election day in Peru. The run-off was required because no candidate received the 51 percent required to win the presidency. There were threats of violence throughout the country today. One political party even threatened to overthrow the government if they didn't win. Makes our political system here in the United States almost seem civil.

The citizens of Peru still vote with paper ballots. The counting takes a bit longer, but resulted are expected soon. The officials claim they might have as much as 95 percent of the votes tallied by tomorrow! (At least they don' t have to worry with "hanging chads!")

The exit polls show former president Alan Garcia with a slight advantage. He seems to be the "lesser of two evils" from our point-of-view. We shall see what the future holds. No matter the outcome, we know God is ultimately in control. We also trust that you will all be praying for the future of Peru that the Gospel will continue to go forth!

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