Start Packing! 77 days to go!

Well, it's official. We have now purchased our return airline tickets. We will be heading back to Peru on August 1. After much searching and investigating we found some very good priced airline tickets. We will actually be flying out of Roanoke, Virginia. It sure is strange how the airlines work: We will fly from Roanoke to Atlanta and then a direct flight from Atlanta to Lima. The travel from Roanoke was $35 per ticket cheaper than flying directly from Atlanta!

I was actually quoted the following absurd itinerary by one agent: Travel from Greensboro, NC to Cincinnati, OH to Newark, NJ to Lima. That was over 16 hours of flying! I think I will stick to a more direct flight. It's hard to fly 5 hours north to eventually make it to South America.

We would appreciate your faithful prayers at this time. Pray for us as we pack and close up our mission home here in NC. Pray also as we finish visiting supporting churches and make last minute plans. Continue to pray that Olivia's paperwork will be processed quickly. Plus you can began praying now for our safety in travel back to Peru. (You will remember that John hates to fly!)