Special Prayer Request

As you can imagine there is much paperwork to be done in order to move to a foreign country. Three of us have our permanent resident visas for living in Peru. However, Olivia still needs to apply and qualify for her visa. We are working on that paperwork at this time.

In the past, Peru would not issue permanent resident visas to children until they had first entered Peru on a tourist visa with their parents. Then the family was required to leave the country, visit a consulate office, and then re-enter the country to receive the visa. We did this with Elizabeth in 2002. It required a visit to Ecuador and a lot of added expense.

The laws in Peru change almost daily. As of today, they are willing to issue Olivia a visa before we arrive in Peru. This would save a lot of time and expense. But, this could change at any moment. (It has changed twice in the last month!) It seems the immigration officers get to make up the rules as they go along, often according to their mood.

Pray that Olivia will be granted her permanent visa soon, and without having to enter Peru first.