The Waiting Game

Thanks to all of you have faithfully prayed for the elections in Peru. I wish we had great news to report, but we are still waiting to get the final results. It looks like it could be a good while before the final votes are counted. So far, 85 percent of the votes have been counted. No candidate received the 51 percent required to win. Therefore, a runoff vote will have to take place in late May or early June.

The situation seems a bit troubling at this time. Ollanta Humala, the most radical of the candidates has collected 30.3 percent of the vote. Alan Garcia a former president, with a poor track record is in second with about 24.9 percent of the vote. Lourdes Flores, is in a close race for second with 24 percent of the vote. A runoff between Humala and Garcia is what many Peruvians are fearing. A win by Humala would certainly turn the nation to the far left politically. Garcia is considered by many the worst president in Peru's history. During his administration, annual inflation increased by over 7000 percent!

The final votes may be slow to come in. Mudslides in the rural areas of Peru have slowed reporting from certain areas. Some officials have claimed it could take as much as 20 days to have the final results. Others are already talking of voter fraud and vote tampering. There is certainly many reasons to continue to pray for the situation in Peru.

Our co-workers in Peru were pleased that the election day went peacefully and there were no real problems.