A week of "Mixed Feelings"

This past week was a bit difficult for our family. I had to leave the rest of the family behind in North Carolina to visit a church in Virginia. Debbie, Elizabeth and Olivia were all sick with the flu. It was one of the few times we have been a part.

I was less than thrilled to leave my "three lovely ladies" yet, the conference was a wonderful blessing. God really worked in the hearts of people at the church. Several young people in the Christian school made decisions for the Lord. I was so blessed by the wonderful messages, presentations, and godly fellowship. The conference was a "reunion" of sorts. Several of our friends and fellow missionaries from our years of deputation were also at the conference. It was great to catch-up on their lives and ministries. It was a special thrill to see how God has been at work around the globe.

It was hard to be away from my family, but it was indeed a blessed week. Isn't it great how God works that way? Wednesday night I drove home, woke up my girls and gave them a big hug! They had made me a cake and we all enjoyed a piece. You know, everyday is "Father's Day" when you have two daughters! It was a great finish to a great week.