Today's News from Peru

The daughter of former president Alberto Fujimori, along with thousands of supporters, marched through Lima's streets to register his candidacy for the April presidential election. Fujimori is still in Chile where he is trying to avoid extradition to Peru to face corruption charges. A congressional ban prevents him from officially running for president until 2011. His supporters claim the ban is unfair and will be overturned.

Fujimori remains a popular candidate despite his shaky past. Fujimori helped build Peru's economy and drove the Shining Path terrorists from the country. He is also accused of stealing more then 50 million dollars from the Peruvian people. Peru's political future seems very uncertain as the election approaches. Many South American countries have recently turned toward a socialistic form of government which could shut out missionaries and the spread of the Gospel. Pray that God will overrule in the coming elections and keep peace alive in Peru.