News from Peru

Remember to pray for Peru today! This week, eight Peruvian police officials were killed by a group of "Shining Path" terrorists about 225 miles northeast of Lima. A state of emergency was declared in six zones to prevent further unrest. In the late 1980's and early 1990's this same terrorist group killed thousands in Peru. Much of their activities were funded by illegal coca leaf production. The leaf is used in the production of cocaine. Today, they want to bring back massive coca leaf production.

Also this week in neighboring Bolivia a Socialist politician was elected as the nation's newest president. He also hopes to restore the country's production of coca leaf. This continues a slide of unrest and instability in South America. Please pray that peace will reign in Peru and that the work of God will be able to continue unhindered. Often, the political and social climate of Bolivia effects Peru.

Now, in family news: Look at what the girls have been busy doing lately...