First Snow!

Here are a few pictures of Elizabeth's first snow. We ran into snow while driving to Virginia for Thanksgiving. After living in Peru the first four years of her life, Elizabeth has never had the fascinating experience of playing in snow. She has always wondered what playing in the snow was all about. She was a little fearful at first to touch it, thinking it would be to unbelievably cold. We stopped at a gas station along the way so she could get out, run around and try to catch a few flakes on her tongue. Imagine her surprise and great disappointment to wake up the next morning and find that a passing warm front had melted every last flake! She is now looking forward to another "real" snow storm so she go out and play. She really wants to make a "snow angel" and "slide down a hill." Once again, we are enjoying the chance to re-live our childhood through our little girls!