Where are we now?

Thanks for all your recent prayers! We have been blessed by good travels, strong health and prosperous church visits in the last week. Wednesday found us visiting a church in nearby Welcome, NC. Then we headed to Virginia where we visited a church in Danville, and started a four day conference just outside of the Roanoke Valley. We'll finish up this week with a three day conference in Roanoke. It is often hard to keep up with the day of the week or our location when visiting four churches in 5 days! It has been a blessing to see old friends and meet new folks at every church. It's also a blessing to see old missionary friends that we haven't seen for a number of years.

Peru is once again in the news today. This past weekend, two powerful earthquakes shook southern Peru. Since Saturday more than 180 after-shocks have rocked the region leaving millions sleeping in the streets. They fear that the tremors will damage their homes. Fortunately, these quakes have only been minor in Lima. In the last week strong earthquakes have been felt in nearly every region of Peru. Pray that God will provide safety for folks in this region. Pray that these events will cause them to turn to the Lord.