Special Note:

We have been to busy to keep up with the BLOG: Most of you will have already read the following note that we sent by email. Just in case we thought we would paste it here as well. Look for more updates on the BLOG as soon as we get back to North Carolina! Also, look for an all new Poes In Peru Website coming soon!

Here is our latest email:

Dear Friends and Family:

We just wanted to write one final email before we finish up our first term
here in Peru. We are very excited about being back in the US to see family
and friends. Yet, we feel very sad to be leaving our home, friends and
co-workers here in Peru. We have shed a lot of tears in the last week, and
it will only get worse for the next 72 hours!
We have most of our things packed. Our house is prepared and our
obligations here are nearly over. We will fly out of Lima at 10:15 AM on
Tuesday, May 24th. We will arrive in Miami at 5:00 PM. We will then spend
a few days driving back to North Carolina. We will look forward to being in
our home church, Edgefield Baptist Church on Sunday the 29th.
Would you please fervently pray for us in the next week:

1. Pray for us as we finish the little last minute things. Pray that we
can finish early and relax for a few minutes on our last day.
2. Pray for emotional strength as we say goodbye to our church folks
tomorrow. This will be an especially sad day, because we will not return to
that church when we return to Peru. (Praise the Lord...They don't need us
3. Pray for a quick trip to the airport Tuesday and no delays or problems
with check-in or immigrations.
4. Pray especially for John. He hates flying and is asking God to give him
a special peace for the flight.
5. Pray for a safe and smooth flight. Pray that we arrive on time and can
continue our journey with no delays.
6. Begin praying now that God will give us a successful furlough in the US.
Pray as we seek to recruit more workers for Peru. Pray that even now God
will begin to prepare the hearts of the people we will minister to.

We are counting on all of you to be praying this week!
We will try to get back online as soon as possible. We will be able to
check our email here in Peru probably until mid-day Monday, so if you need
to contact us, fill free to write!

God Bless!
John, Debbie and Elizabeth Poe