12 More Days!

It is incredible to see the days go by. I wish we almost had a little longer before our scheduled departure! Things are going well for our family. It is amazing the number of little things that have to be done at the last minute. It is also amazing the number of people that invite you for dinner in the last few days before a trip! We are really enjoying our friends here before it is time to leave. Because of a busy schedule, our updates here on the BLOG have been a little slow for a few days. We will continue to keep you updated as things come along.

If you happen to be having trouble sending us email, please be patient. We are sorry that our email service has been having problems lately. Some of our emails are not being sent out correctly, while others are not coming to us in a timely matter. If you haven't heard from us in a timely matter please try this alternate address: poefolks@mail.com

Thanks for your continued prayers now and in the days ahead!