A Place of Great Need

As promised here is our update from our weekend visit to Manchay: We enjoyed participating in both services at the Manchay church this Sunday. The church is growing and has an average of 60 people attending in every service. We were especially impressed by the good number of men in the church. In many churches here in Peru there are few men to take on the leadership positions. The church has five Sunday school classes, all being taught by the Peruivan members. This church is well on its way to being self-supporting.

We were welcomed with open arms by the people. Elizabeth was especially popular with the many children and she joined right in with them from the moment we walked in the door. We had a chance to talk with a good number of the people and to ask them about other needs in the area. They all had the same idea, that more churches are needed in Manchay. Tens-of-thousands of people still live in Manchay that have never heard the Gospel. Many areas have no church closeby. The area is of course very poor, and many of the people are new in Lima, having moved from the countryside or mountain regions of Peru.

We will continue to prayerfully consider a church-planting ministry in this area. Our burden for this area was increased and we are well aware that God could do a great work among these people.