It's HOT!

Normally, by mid-April temperatures here in Lima slowly began to drop off as autumn arrives. By the time May arrives the skies are normally cloudy and the winter foggy season starts. However, this year an unusual weather pattern has left us with summer temperatures late into the year. This year skies remain clear and we are seeing distant views not normally seen in Lima's smoggy haze.

The local news media has been reporting that a current of warm water from Australia has moved in along the Peru coast. This warm water has caused the ocean temperatures to rise significantly and has greatly changed the climate for this fall season. Today our temperatures were near 90 and they may climb to 95 by the middle of May. (Temperatures would normally be in the lower 60's)

This isn't popular news with Debbie who is not enjoying the heat during her pregnancy! She will have an entire summer pregnancy due to our upcoming trip to the states.

Tonight, we return our church in Ate for Wednesday evening services. Elizabeth is looking forward to being back at "our old church" as she calls it. Looks like the windows and doors will all be open at church tonight!